Diethealthmag offers $1500 scholarship for college students


To study in higher classes at the renowned Institute is the dream of many students all over the world. In fact studying at renowned institutes is something which will impact one`s whole life. His social life, family life, and career can see dramatic changes if the institute is well known. Studying in the well-known institute is not affordable for everyone. People works hard for getting admission in such universities. However, the fact is that sometimes these dreams need the bulk of the money to fulfill one`s dream. Scholarships are offered to such financial disable but deserving and able students. Many government and public organizations offered scholarship among them are diet health mag. Diethealthmag offers $1500 scholarship for college students.

Introduction to Diethealthmag:

Diethealthmag is the popular name in the world of diet pills and weight loss supplements. They held a dominating position in the world for the research on obesity and invented various highly effective weight loss pills. To promote their cause, they announced diet health mag scholarships for students to complete their research and invent something which is for the welfare of the world.

The purpose of Diethealthmag scholarships:

The main purpose of this scholarship is to fulfill dreams of students who deserve. This scholarship is for such students who have excellent academic results but couldn’t get admission in renowned colleges. Moreover, this is for students who want to build their career as a nutritionist or similar degree. As they believe that healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on not only physical health but on mental health. According to officials of diethealtmag, their scholarship is empowered those students who value their time and wants to acquire a higher position in their profession.

Who can apply for this scholarships:

Anyone can apply for this scholarship who fulfill following prerequisites.

1-Scholarships are only offered to students who have US nationality or citizenship or both.

2-Students should be getting an education in any of the US approved educational institutes.

3-This scholarship will be awarded to only such candidates whose age is more than 12.

How to Apply for the Scholarship:

Anyone of you who is fulfilling criteria mentioned above and is illegible for the applying for this scholarship can then apply through completing following steps.

One has to write an essay of 1500 words on following topic”Psychological and physiological consequence of obesity.”

After writing an essay of 1500 words, visit the page

Fill the form with student`s name, email address, subject and your essay. The last date to apply for this scholarship is 1st June 2018. Now the question is how to know about winners. Names of the winners will be announced on their official winner’s page.Link to that page is . Moreover, they will be intimate through emails.

Last but not least Whatever scholarship one shouldn’t get detract from their objectives and should remember that they are selected from hundreds of others so they should value it.

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