Everything About Straw Bale Gardening


Gardener adopts different methods to increase the productivity of the plant. For this purpose, they use different species, different soil fertilizers, and different containers.  Straw Bale is one of the containers which helps in productivity and also provide comfort to farmer or gardeners. There are a lot of benefits of using straw bale gardening including economy, production, and comfort.  To yield a high level of productivity one should learn and form straw bale garden in the finest way. Here we will tell some considerations to follow to get high quality of produces.

1-Equipment Required:

Obviously, the gardener will be buying straws for straw bale gardening. Remember people sometimes get confused with straw and hay. For this type of gardening, you need only straw and hay is not the alternative of straw. Beside straw, one needs a sheet of paper. This sheet of paper is spread below a bale of straw. A garden hose for watering and conditioning. Hand trowel for digging. Soil for sowing seeds and fertilizer for the provision of necessary minerals. One should use string to tightening the bale.

2-Selection of Location:

One can’t put straw container anywhere. Selection of place is an important matter and will directly or indirectly effect production of a plant.  Straw bales should be placed under direct sunlight. It should be placed under the sunlight for about six or more hours in a day. There are some plants which required partial sunlight to grow, mostly required full sunlight to grow. Consider a place which is easy to water, as these will be heavy to move after setting up.

3-Preparing Straw bale for Gardening:

Sowing seed just after setting up is the big mistake. Give water to straw bales for about two-three days. Just soak the bale into the water. Repeat watering process only once in a day. Reserve next six days for fertilization. Provide a full cup of sulfate or half of urea for first three days and on next three days reduce the amount to half in next three days but don’t stop watering. On day eleven check temperature of the soil; if it is of body temperature then it is ready for plantation.

4-Exemptions of Plants:

Interestingly one can grow anything, any plant they want to. However, there are some exemptions. Tomatoes are the plant which becomes heavy upon growing. Similarly, the corn plant is tall and heavy. It is not the case that this plant won’t be productive in straw bale container but one will have to remove them after sometimes. However one should keep the plant in fewer amounts.


With all the attractions of straw bale containers, there are some issues related to straw bale. These containers shouldn’t be dry. Moreover one should provide proper nutrition to them at least after every one or two weeks. Excitingly these hale are useful even after gardening is done; they can be used as decomposers or fertilizers.

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