Hyperhidrosis – All you Need to Know about Excessive Sweating


It is a serious kind of disorder in which the patient experience excessive sweating and as a result a lot of unhappiness in produces. As per Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA about 2% to 3% people in the USA experience excessive sweating of palm, underarm, and soles of the feet. The underarm problem starts late in the disorder while the palm and sole sweating start at the early stages of the disorder. These problems can continue throughout the life.

There are many problems associated with this disorder as excessive sweating can b very embarrassing. It leaves stains on your clothes and the worst thing is that it completely ruins your romance. Sometimes it can create complications in your social and business interactions. In some severe conditions, it makes difficult for people to hold the pen and they can not grip the steering of the car perfectly. They are also unable to shake hands with other people.

The Causes of Hyperhidrosis

There are many infections, neurologic and endocrine diseases that can cause Hyperhidrosis. Sometimes the people are healthy and they develop this disorder. In some people, heat and emotions are the common factors that can develop this disease but many people sweat all the time during their working hours no matter what their mood and weather are.

The Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

A very stepwise approach is adopted to treat this disease. Many people who are suffering from this disease get good results and they get an improved quality of life after visiting Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA. There are many approaches that are used to treat this disease. In the first approach, some antiperspirants are tried that have a very low dose of a metal salt such as aluminum. If the antiperspirants and not working then the one that contain more amount of aluminum chloride can be more effective.

Some prescription strength antiperspirants are also used that are rich in aluminum chloride hexahydrate.  There are many oral medicines that can be used to treat this disorder. There is a technique known as miradry in which microwave energy is used to completely kill the sweating glands. Sometimes laser technology is used to kill the sweating glands that are present underarms. Some people prefer undergoing a surgery as last resort.

Talk to your Doctor

You can judge your problem that you are sweating excessively. There are many clues like you produce a lot of sweat in your socks, shirt, and pants. You are sweating even it is cool and when you are not exercising. You are sweating a lot at night when you are sleeping. During this disorder, many people experience chest pain, shortness of breath, unintentional weight loss and sometimes fever. You can consult your primary care doctor and after that, a dermatologist can be visited. Tell your doctor how many times you change your clothes. Also, tell how many times you take a bath or shower and the type of soap you use. Tell him completely the methods you use to absorb your sweat.

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