Chris Oyakhilome Launches Loveworld USA!


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a well respected minister with over 30 years of experience of bringing the word of God to people all across the world with the help of Christ embassy International.

Christ Embassy International was set up to help bring the teachings and power of the word of God to everyone to help those in needful times as well as to strengthen those beliefs in the people that already have faith in Christ and the word of God.

Chris Oyakhilome, together with Christ embassy have just launched a 24 hour religious channel to help bring the word of God to people in The United States of America.

Now more than ever America, as well as the rest of the world need to hear the powerful message that God brings with him to everyone that wants to listen and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome knows that the world needs to hear what it is that this words have to give to the people.

People are looking for a definitive path to turn to and something that they can find faith in with this ever growing world of despair and that is why Loveworld USA has been launched. Loveworld USA is a 24 hour religious channel to show people that there is a way to find strength, faith and happiness for everyone looking to find these things in their lives.

The goal of Loveworld USA is to let Chris Oyakhilome bring all different people from around the globe together through one common ground in reaching for the love of Christ.

Christ has love for all of his children and God wants you to know that he is there for you no matter what struggles you might be going through in your daily lives no matter how difficult and trying they might be to you. There will always be a way with the power of the Lord on your side.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome knows this is the very essence of showing people that they will always have somewhere that they can turn to and this is why the new channel, Loveworld USA was created, so that people will always have somewhere that they can turn to and listen to the word of God and have their faith be forever strengthened even in the toughest of times.

Loveworld USA has different types of show broadcasted throughout the day for prayers as well as crusades and conferences so that you can see for yourself that you are not alone in your journey to be spiritually fulfilled with the power of God and the connection that the word of God can bring to people all across the world.



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