Top Simple Truths about Baby’s Nursery You Have to Know


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It is so happy when your baby will come into your life within several days. But it is also an anxious time because you have a lot of things to worry about.

Among important things, you might have to spend much time on considering the preparation for your baby’s room and nursery. Worry no more! With this article, you can find out what you need simply and quickly.

How to Prepare Your Baby’s Room

In fact, preparing a bedroom the coming baby is not as costly as many people think. Even with a small fortune, you can offer the best environment for your baby.

The Location

Undeniably, you will be stuck with your baby during the first months. Imagine that the baby will wake up suddenly and cry at midnight. You will need to stay as close to him or her as possible.

Therefore, you might have to think carefully about the location of your baby’s room.

Normally, it should be next to your bedroom. This seems to make it more convenient for feeding. But dad might want it to be a little far away. Who wants to suffer from crying noise all the night, especially after a long working day?


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It is one of the most interesting parts when we all want to give the baby the best. You might want the room to look cute or as fantastic as possible.

However, it is still very important to taken safety into consideration. All things should be organized to maximize the convenience and minimize the risks of accidents.

For the first months, your baby might not need too many things, such as toys. So, you can avoid putting too much stuff in their room. Of course, you need necessary things that we will mention in the next part.

And throughout time, when your baby grows, you can always add more things.

Screen Door


Not everyone does this, but it is a good idea to think about the replacement of your nursery door. In fact, you can make use of wooden screen door.

There are several benefits of this door, but above all, it helps you protect your baby from pets or guests. It is still possible to look at what’s happening inside even when you close the door, on the other hand.

A screen door is a great addition to your baby’s room if you know how to match it with other things around. Besides, you can equip window shade on the door’s inside. This helps to shut the light out.

What to Prepare about Baby’s Nursery

So, you have chosen the place for your baby’s room, designed it and decorated with stuff. Now it is time to consider what you should put inside the room.

Baby will need many special things, and sometimes, unnecessary things are still present just because you like it.

The truth is that only certain things should be considered as crucial. And we will show you what to prepare about baby’s nursery as following.

Co-sleeper Bassinet

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The importance of co-sleeper bassinet is dependent on the lifestyle you lead. But in many cases, I strongly believe that it is a useful gear.

It is certain that most mothers want to spend much time with their newborns and co-sleeping are normal.

In such case, you want portable space which can be easily moved among rooms. With this gear, your baby seems to be always close to you.

You would find a variety of features and designs in the market, but most good co-sleeper bassinets have to fulfill several standards of safety, portability, size, and weight.

Mesh walls are one of the key criteria for the safe co-sleeper bassinet. They support the flow of air more effectively and guarantee the baby’s safe breathing.

Also, the mattress ought to be firm and thin, while the materials used to make the bassinet have to be clean and safe. This means that they do not lead to any skin or mouth irritations. No chemicals should be detected.

Furthermore, you have to take weight and size into consideration because not every room is suitable to put large bassinets. And weight is closely related to its portability.

You might also want to look for something that does not require a lot of effort to clean.

Rocking Chair

This is a helpful item to help you feel more relaxed when being with your baby. It provides you with soothing motions when you have to feed your baby.

The most important factor is its functioning, but you can also look at its design. The possibility is that even when you do not need it anymore, it can become unforgettable furniture.

Essential Phone Numbers

It sounds frustrating, but it is necessary to have numbers of those you might need in some cases. Baby can face some difficulties, and all of them should be addressed as soon as possible.

You should prepare a variety of phone numbers, from the doctor, baby’s pediatrician to those who help you with poison control or even breastfeeding support.

Baby Care Book

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Many people underestimate the significance of books because of the development of the Internet. However, the presence of baby care books in the room will help a lot.

They will show you everything about the raising of a baby (ex: how to feed baby, how to massge the baby, how to  how to choose beach tent for travel with baby,…). To select the best books, you can consult your friends’ advice or the Internet itself.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is the great investment to keep an eye on your baby most of the time. The truth is that you can’t be present in the baby’s room all the time.

With this small equipment, any problem with your baby will be sent to you automatically and quickly. As a result, it is not compulsory to be present, but you always can take care of your baby.


Overall, it is so exciting to wait for your baby’s first appearance. But do not forget a lot of work you have to fulfill before.

With all of these recommendations, I hope you get the best for your little monster.