The Quest For The Best Social Media Marketing Tool


Social Media is not a secret marketing ingredient anymore that few marketers know and use. It’s been the norm for a few years now. If you want to stay in the game, just “being present” on social media is not enough anymore. You need to optimize your social media strategy and continuously improve on it. But most of the time, the social media marketing process can take a huge amount of time. The best way to go about it is to find and use a social media automation software that can do everything faster and more efficient. So the quest for the best social media marketing tool begins.

Let’s look at JARVEE – the newest social media automation software.

If you have an online business, you either hire a social media team to keep all your accounts updated and engage with your followers on a daily basis. Or you use a social media automation tool, like JARVEE, that can do all the posting and social interactions for you. I’m sure that staying up all night, every day, and doing all these actions by yourself is not an option.

What Are The Benefits of Using JARVEE?

First of all, you can update all your social accounts from one single place. You don’t have to switch context, log out from your social network every few minutes to post your content and check your messages. You can conveniently do it all from one single application. Not only that, but you can schedule to post your content at specific times, depending on your audience. This will increase your reach and the chances that your followers will actually see your posts.


You can find and join groups in your niche. Much more targeted and ten times faster than you could do manually.


You can search for prospected customers and interact with them. You can keep in touch with your current customers and provide amazing customer support. Thanks to the advanced options every action you will take will look very natural and human, no one will guess that you had a “little” professional help.

You can automate your social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr and LinkedIn. JARVEE is a windows application, so you need to install it on a laptop or computer running Windows. I am a Mac user, so I set up a VPS server with Windows, where I installed JARVEE and so far it runs smoothly.

But let’s talk results. I started using JARVEE about 3 weeks ago, and these are my results:

– My Facebook Page had about 600 likes when I started using JARVEE and now it has over 3000. These are the actions I did in this time: searched for local groups in my niche (it is a Facebook page hair salon), joined the most active groups and shared my promotions with the members of the groups. Meanwhile, I was posting about 5 times per day, mostly pictures, promotions, and news.

– I added 3 Twitter accounts to JARVEE with about 500, 600 and 800 followers, in different niches to test out different methods. All the accounts now have over 5000 followers. These are the tools I used: Retweet tool, Follow, Unfollow and Favorite. I noticed the best click-through rate when I used the Twitter Mentions tool. And the best overall engagement when I used the other tools.

– Added my LinkedIn profile just for fun. Started sharing my blog posts on LinkedIn with JARVEE (I already did that on Facebook and Twitter) and to my surprise, I got a significant increase in traffic. I also started to use the Profile Viewer tool and I now have over 500 connections and a few job offers. Turned out to be a fun experiment.

– I started using Pinterest. With JARVEE I created several boards, started repinning other people’s pins. Also started following other users on Pinterest on autopilot. Recently I created a campaign to share images I also found with JARVEE, from Flickr and Pinterest. I’m impressed by the quality of the images it found. My account is growing nicely.


For just $20 a month I have a complete social media marketing platform with all the actions and tools I need to grow my accounts. It can’t get better than this. I tested a lot of tools in the past and none of them came even close to JARVEE. The results I got in only 3 weeks with minimal effort on my part are impressive. With other tools it would take my months for the same results.  All in all, at this moment JARVEE is the best social media automation.



The Problems Faced by Foreign Students and How They Can be Overcome


Anyone who has spent time studying abroad will have some idea of the troubles and traumas that can arise when studying in a foreign country. Even those who have only studied in their home country might have noticed the difficulties faced by their international peers. The truth is, then, that while international education can undoubtedly be hugely rewarding for many students, it can sometimes also be a difficult and upsetting time in a person’s life.

“Now, it has got to the point where these problems need to be realised, analysed and tackled.”

The problems faced by international students are known to some as the problems of acculturation – the problems linked to a person’s attempt to become assimilated into and familiar with a very foreign culture. Problems of acculturation tend to occur more often when a person studies in a country where the culture is vastly different from their own. Because of this, students from Asia who travel to Europe to study (or vice versa) are much more likely to face problems of acculturation than European students who travel to other European countries. With recent increases in the number of students who are travelling large distances to study, problems of acculturation have become more and more prominent within student demographics. Now, it has got to the point where these problems need to be realised, analysed and tackled.

By looking more closely at the problems of acculturation, we can see that they fall into five broad categories – each of which needs to be remedied. They are:

  1. Linguistic – international students are often unable to communicate with the same efficacy as the native population. A host of problems arise around language, but the main one is that international students who aren’t fully fluent in the native language of their host country can find it difficult to form friendships as they can’t readily understand and employ colloquialisms. Language barriers can also disable people from fully understanding their lecturers, which can further lead to feelings of displacement.
  2. Educational – people studying in cultures that are very different to their own may not understand the educational values or procedures in their host country. For example, many universities in the east expect students to be their professors’ subordinates – valuing everything they say unquestioningly. In the west, however, a much greater emphasis is placed on discussion and students are often actively encouraged to disagree with and discuss topics with their lecturers. International students from Asia and Europe often need time to acclimatise to these kinds of differences.
  3. Social – this is the simple truth that international students are not surrounded by people they know or a culture they are accustomed to. This is clearly an obvious feature of studying abroad, but it can still be one that takes time to adapt to. Many students suffer from loneliness and homesickness while studying in a foreign country, even if they are, on the whole, enjoying themselves and making friends.
  4. Discriminatory – there is a tendency for minority groups of international students to feel discriminated against in some sense, whether it is passive or active. If students feel this way, it can cause international students to only socialise with other students from their country or culture – which can lead to further isolation and the exacerbation of other problems of acculturation.

5.Practical – common aspects of a person’s day-to-day life can begin to feel alien when they become an international student in an unfamiliar culture. Everything from the currency the student uses and the transport systems they utilise to the weather and the food will be strange to the student. When such fundamental aspects of a person’s social surroundings are altered so extensively, feelings of cultural evanescence can engulf a person.

“[I]t is essential for soon-to-be international students to research the country and city – as well as the institution – that they plan to study in.”

These five areas encapsulate all the possible problems of acculturation that a person could come across. It should be clear, however, that it is highly unlikely for a single international student to struggle with all the individual problems mentioned above. It should also be noted that many of these problems cannot be ‘solved’, as such. They are necessary aspects of studying abroad. The solution, if there truly is one, is for students to better prepare themselves for the struggles intrinsic to foreign education. In doing so, the student will allow themselves to enjoy their course and reap the unique benefits that international study can offer.

It is difficult to promote a singular solution to this many-faceted problem, especially as many of the above struggles affect different people to different degrees. However, if a student has an awareness of the culture they are travelling to before they arrive, it can help them to be less overwhelmed by the cultural difference, allowing them to overcome problems of acculturation more easily. As such, it is essential for soon-to-be international students to research the country and city – as well as the institution – that they plan to study in.

One app that has been proven to aid in this endeavour is Seeka – a mobile university search engine that specialises in finding international courses. With institutions in over 30 countries listed on the app, it is the perfect place for wannabe international students to uncover information about a wide variety of courses. While this alone already makes Seeka unique within the education industry, there are further features that only help to add to this uniqueness. Most importantly for our discourse is the wealth of information provided about the country and city that an institution is situated in. As well as this, Seeka advisors are experts in their fields and are able to dispel any worrying notions that a student might have by elucidating the realities of studying in a certain country. With these features – and countless more – Seeka enables students to quickly research the countries they are considering studying in, ultimately helping them to find an institution where they are less likely to be troubled by the problems of acculturation. By using Seeka to educate themselves about potential cultural differences, the cultural differences that a student will inevitably face will not interrupt their education or their lifestyle.

Try the Seeka app and overcome the problems of acculturation. Download the Seeka app today from the Apple App Store.

For more information about Seeka, visit their website:


Contact Details:

Company: The Trustee for Fresh Futures Australia Unit Trust

Name: Ado Dedovic

Journalist: Charlie Ogden


Country: Australia & Global


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