The Best Video Streaming Apps and Services 2017


Here is the list apps which are popular and aim to provide the wide range of video streaming. Which may be a movie, show, channel, or live.


Are you a great movie fan? Are you looking to download the latest movie series? Are you tired of searching through the internet and clicking on fake links to watch movies? Well search no more! Showbox is your answer. With list of almost all the freshly released television series and animes, Showbox is one of the best video streaming apps of 2017. This is an application which can be installed on tablets and smartphones running an android operating system; this means it doesn’t work on windows phones or iOS platforms. It has an online streaming capability that allows you to enjoy your favourite television series just by a single click. Showbox eliminates the stress on going through various tabs looking for the best website that can give you your desired result. Another awesome feature about this app is that it requires NO SUBSCRIPTON whatsoever, all services on the app is absolutely free of charge unlike other similar video streaming app and services like Netflix.

No individual enjoys the stress of going through hundreds of webpages searching for one particular movie, people prefer to have things broken down into smaller and easier tasks so as to make life much easier, and Showbox offers exactly that, therefore making it one of the best video streaming apps of 2017.


Moviebox is a third party application which can be downloaded off the internet for devices like IOS, android and PC; when I say third party I mean it cannot be downloaded from the google playstore or apple store, it can  only be downloaded off the internet. This application allows you to stream freshly released movies and television series of your choice for FREE; yes! No subscription required. Moviebox is one of the popular video streaming apps in the movie entertainment category. Instead of waiting tirelessly to download newly released movies, you can easily watch them online with moviebox for zero cost.

This applications’ unique diversity allows it to run on all operating systems; android, windows and iOS. But with the recent changes and upgrade on the iOS platform, the app performance has been rendered obsolete on the apple operating systems. Moviebox has a feature that lets you select the desired video quality you prefer to stream your video on. This amazing app supports various languages thereby making it accessible from any corner of the world and also one of the best video streaming apps of 2017.


Mobdro is an online video streaming application. This is a little bit similar but very different from the Netflix. Mobdro is compatible with android devices, windows, apple devices like ipad mini and iphone 6 and also Smart TVs. Mobdro offers online video streaming services of TV shows, documentaries, Sports events and other various contents. Unlike the Netflix app and some other video streaming apps that has the features of selecting any episode to watch from any TV series at any point in time, Mobdro only gives you a list of channels that shows those episodes non-stop, you can then choose from those channels. In addition, Mobdro offers streaming of traditional channels and sporting events and so other streams like live video gaming.


With over 104 million members in over 190 countries, Netflix is the largest world leading online television of all time. Netflix doesn’t only offer online streaming service; they also offer physical disc rentals with different subscription rates ranging from $7.99/month to $19.99/month. And in online video streaming, Netflix offers a charge of $7.99/month to its members for an unlimited monthly video streaming of their favourite movie or television series. Netflix video streaming can easily be accessed from a web browser by going to their official website, or by using their app which is readily available of every network enabled product with a web platform such as Smart TV, apple TV and so on. Netflix can also be accessed from an android smart phone or apple phone just by simply downloading the Netflix app on from the store.

Due to its diversity, Netflix can be accessed from over 190 countries without issues whatsoever. Any member can easily login to the Netflix web page or app from anywhere in the world and still have full access to his/her previous valid subscription plan and movies; Therefore making Netflix the highest and leading video streaming app and services in the world.



Playview is an awesome video streaming app. Compatible with the android operating system. Playview is used to watch lots of movies and TV shows online just like every other app like Netflix and showbox. The difference between apps like Netflix is that it has a feature that permits you to download a movie or TV series and watch them without internet connection. The video streaming app is designed to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for; movies are neatly grouped in their genres and categories with a functional search bar that makes finding movies much easier.


Hulu is an American based online premium video streaming app in collaboration with some other film production companies like Disney, Comcast and 21 century Fox. Hulu is very similar to Netflix; it offers its member unlimited monthly video streaming for a specific subscription plan and members get to login at any time to resume their previous valid subscription plan and TV show. Hulu offers a wide variety of services; it is the only online video streaming service that offers ads and commercial free TV series from the largest American broadcast network. Therefore makes it the leading premium streaming services. Hulu is the best platform for watching premium videos, with collaboration with film production companies like Disney and 21 century fox; it makes it not only the platform to watch the latest season of Game of Thrones but also to watch classics like The Wizard of Oz.

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