Micro foldable quadcopter


The trend of remote control quadcopters is increasing. This is a great attraction for kids and even adults because of the facilities and features included in it. One amazing type of such quad copter is Kai Deng K130 Alpha. This is low cost and has all the comprehensive features that are needed by anyone. The distinguished features like headless mode, one key return and auto transformation are provided.

Brief description

This RC Quadcopter is an egg shaped device that has a unique type of arms. These arms have the ability to open automatically and because of this it is folded into compact form. This is a beautiful RC drone that is also known to be pocket drone because of its compact design. The features of this drone are friendly with the beginners. Its size is even smaller than the fist so that it can be taken anywhere the user wants. An extraordinary flight can be enjoyed anywhere a person want. The user can take it out from the pocket anywhere and this will work efficiently.

Extraordinary features

There are some beautiful features that are not found in other drones. The one key transformation allows it to deploy the arms any time a person wants. There is no need to go through complex procedure because of the folded wings. The auto hover mode makes it able to hold the altitude to a specific height. The barometer is added in the device automatically and that can determine the height. The headless mode makes it possible for the beginners to use it without any difficulty. The one key mode for the takeoff and landing is efficient and the flying process becomes really smooth because of this. There is also a speed switch available that help in changing the speed on the quad copter to the levels of high, medium and low.

General features

It is a quad copter with the ability to fly indoor as well as outdoor. It has the brushed version of battery and there is also a radio control facility included in it. Its size is micro because it can be held in the pocket. Built-in Gyro is added in it which works to 6 axis. All these features make it best device for the beginners.

Connectivity and battery control

This device can be connected through the remote control because it is for the beginners. The remote control is available that is wireless and respond to all the commands efficiently. The control work up to the distance of 50 meters and the controls over this distance are followed to details. The battery used is of AAA quality that is built in and can be recharged easily. The battery ahs the power of 3.7 volts and the flight time is from 6 to 7 minutes. Time taken to charge it fully is 45 minutes. This is really a light weight product that can be held easily. Some additional products like USB and propeller are also included in the package.