WLtoys 10248: The Ultimate Racing Cars


This is a very famous racing and rock climbing car which is controlled through a remote transmitter and is very famous among the kids. it has very interesting features that are rarely present in other ready to run RC cars and that is why people always try to find the best racing car in this range and this specific model is the most famous one. The WLtoys 10248 model of the racing car has gained a lot of popularity because of its specifications and features and durability and also because it is very fun to play with and the exterior is also stunning. The problem with many racing cars is that they have a beautiful interior and exterior but their transmitters break only after a short time and that is a cause for displeasure. This model has one good thing about it that in addition with good interior and exterior it also has a strong and durable transmitter that would work for a longer time and allow the kids to enjoy the toy for a longer time too.

Basic Info:

  • Brand type: WL Toys
  • Model: 10248
  • Proportional: 1/10

Specifications of Transmitter:

  • 4 control channels
  • Controller Mode: Mode 2
  • Movement: Forward, backward, left and right
  • Function: 2.4 GHz full scale machine
  • Body: All metal gear and steel work
  • A Four wheeler with an independent system of suspension.
  • 4 GHz technology which is able to support high speed technology racing cars
  • Frequency of transmitter: 2.4 G
  • Control Distance: 100 meter
  • A proportional remote control
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Action time: 30 minutes
  • Battery: 1.5 AA battery

Specifications of Car:

  • Speed: about 30 km/hr
  • Material: Alloy, PVC
  • Suitable for: children of age less than 14 years
  • Battery: 7.42 V, 2200mAH battery
  • Motor: Brushed Motor

Main Features of Racing Car:

The main features of this model of racing car are as follows:

Easy Operation:

Has a strong and powerful motor of 540 energy and 4WD. It has a very easy to use remote control which can be learnt by even a toddler and the operations are quite easy. It is a great choice for people that are buying a racing car toy for the first time for their child.

Real Experience:

It has a very good simulation design which gives a very good feel of the real life experience. It feels like driving a tiny racing car on the tracks and getting the real life experience of driving a racing car.

Stable and Durable:

It is a four wheeler racing car with a very durable design and cannot be easily broken by colliding into walls and hard places. No damahge would come to it easily. Has a vey good design and engineering.

All Terrain RC Car:

This car can be driven on all terrains like sand, grass, mud and marshy areas and face no problem. Very good LED features on the front and rear end.